Video Production Video is a visual and an audio medium for communicating ideas. It is a way of presenting company strategies and policies that describe in great detail by example exactly what your sales force needs to know and understand to sell your product. Clients are able to fully grasp what it is your trying to sell and why they need it. Video can add a degree of professionalism to your product as well as your sales force.
Employee orientation is another way video can serve your company. Lectures, seminars, training techniques and company policy can be given to new employees on an as needed basis. Business meetings can be taped for future references. Testimonials from clients can be tremendous tool for your sales force. Safety and Instructional videos may lower your companies liability in the event of an accident, or better still prevent one from ever occurring. Video can be reviewed over and over again, thus making it a great teaching tool.

Video Production Tools and Services Multiple Camera Coverage – Non Linear Editing using DPS Velocity 3DX with eyeon Digital Fusion, Boris FX, Graffitti and Inscriber North Technology. On the Linear Side (Tape to Tape) Pinnacle Alladin DVE. Available Formats for Acquisition and Editing are DVCPRO – dvMini – DVCAM – BetaSP – SVHS – VHS. The types of services produced are Seminars – Convention – Sporting Events with a Hollywood Lite Stedi-Cam Operator – Legal Depositions – Sales – Promotional – Training – Documentaries 35mm Digital Photography acquisition – Logo Creation and Digital Design