Streaming Video The emergence of DSL and Cable connected homes and businesses has paved the way for the delivery of CD quality music and near broadcast quality video.  We specialize in high quality digital encoding for personal, industrial, commercial and corporate websites and intranets.  We accept all video formats for encoding to Windows Media (formely Net Show), QuickTime and Real Video (SureStream) at multiple bit-rates that deliver the best picture based on connection speeds, provided you are using a Streaming Server.

With QuickTime Video we can add interactive elements such as roll-overs, buttons and hot-spots with navigation that allow users to interact with the video.  Video over an Intranet does not require a separate video server or additonal software.  Workstations and terminals simply need the appropriate plugin ] for viewing. The video can be encoded to a single stream bit-rates in any codec that won’t tax your network. Progressive Downloading is another scheme for video over the Company Intranet.  With Progressive Video Downloading the quality of the video increases as the file is downloading.  Viewing can begin once enough of the video has been down-loaded to the terminal.  This allows slower connections to view video at high quality.  Progressive downloading works very well with video clips less than two minutes in length since the terminal or workstation dowloads most of the program before viewing begins.  Encoding to MPEG-1, AVI and BINK codecs for CD-ROM and PowerPoint Presentations and MPEG-2 for DVD-R are other alternatives for distributing video.