Home Movie Film Transfers to Video All movie film is cleaned and repaired {re-spliced} before transfer to videotape is made. This enhances the visual quality by removing some of the grime and dust that can accumulate from handling over the years. All transfers are made with a 3-chip camera ensuring best picture quality possible.

We use a five leaf shutter projector that eliminates flicker by synching the film rate (18 to 24 frames per second) to the rate of video, 30 frames a second. The image is projected using mirrors onto high quality lenses. The projected image is called an aerial image, as opposed to a reflected image that is projected onto a silver screen or a frosted glass plate. The advantage is the camera focuses on the image itself, not a screen or glass plate which would include the texture of the screen. We transfer film to the following formats: VHS, SVHS, miniDV and DVCPRO. Pal and Secam Conversions are available at an additional charge.
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Photograph Transfers to Video Photographs are digitized using a high quality scanner. They are re-sized and color corrected to meet NTSC standards for proper viewing in the video format. An assortment of Special Effects are then timed to Narration or Sound Track of your own choosing adding excitement to your program. The finished tape will be an heirloom you will treasure for ever.



Slide Transfers to Video  Slides are digitized using a 35mm film/slide scanner. This enables us to modify the color saturation and contrast for a more pleasant presentation. Special software allows us to remove some of the dust and scratches electronically that may of occured to the transparency over years of handling. Slides must be banded in multiples of 50 or less, in sequential order with proper oientation. For example: An order of 60 slides would be stacked in multiples 50 and 10, aligned with the emulsion sides facing the same direction and right side up. Failure to do so will result in additional charges. Editing charges apply when titles or other media is added to the program. For the Cuts or Dissolves program (without music) each slide will have a duration of approximately 7 seconds each. For the Custom program music must accompany your order in the form of a CD. An average viewing time per slide is normally 6 to 8 seconds each. A program containing a 100 slides would require 600 to 800 seconds of music (10 to 14 minutes).

A 15% surcharge may be added if the slide mounts are bent or damaged. Many of the the older cardboard slide mounts absorb moisture or have creased corners making scanning very difficult. Please check your transparencies for damage before sending.

Please call 1-877-384-8633 or email us for orientation and sequencing instructions.