A brief description of our services are listed below.

  Digital acquisition using JVC Broadcast 3-CCD cameras.  Formats readily available are miniDV, SVHS and   VHS. Multiple Camera Coverage for Seminars and Events.  BetaCam SP, DVCAM and DVCPRO are available at an additional cost.  Studio lighting and wireless microphones are included with most packages.

Two Non-linear digital editing suites.  DPS Velocity 3-DFX with Digital Fusion, BorisFX and Inscriber CG.  We also have the Toaster VT[2] with Toaster CG, Aura and LightWave.  Digital Tape Formats we can edit are DVCAM, miniDV, DVCPRO-25, VHS and SVHS.  Digital Disk formats we can edit are AVI, Windows Media, QuickTime, RealMedia, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4.  Audio Sweetening is utilized with

8mm 16mm Home Movies Photograph Slide Transfers to DVD miniDV and other Video Formats  Super 8mm, Super 8mm with sound, Reg. 8mm, 16mm silent and 16mm movie film with sound, 35mm film  (negatives), slides (transparencies) and photographs transfers to DVD, VHS, SVHS, miniDV or DVCPRO.    Music dubbing and Editing services also available. Pal and Secam Conversions for over-seas viewing is also  available in vhs and DVD-R.

PowerPoint and Corel Presentations converted to Videotape or DVD-R.  35mm film, photographs and slide scanning, sized, compressed and delivered on a CD for presentation readiness.  MPEG-1, Windows Media or AVI compression for embedding video into a Presentation.  Videotaping a Presenter and later editing the Presentation into the video is also available.

DVD authoring  Our Enhanced interactive DVD-R is digitally mastered with menus and chapter links. Custom Graphic on an         amaray case is included.  Basic DVD-R encoding with no chapter links is also available at a reduced price.      Packaging includes a jewel case for the DVD-R.

SVCD and VCD video VCD and SVCD for playback in a DVD and CD-Rom players.  Codecs available on CD-R for CD-Rom playback  are MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, Flash Video (Shockwave) with interactive menus, Windows Media,  RealMedia and QuickTime Video.

Encoding to Streaming Video Codecs like Windows Media, RealPlayer, QuickTime and Shockwave

 Progressive Downloading and Streaming Codecs for the corporate Internet or Intranet.  Windows Media,  RealPlayer, QuickTime and Shockwave compression schemes available for modem, Lan, DSL, Cable or T1  delivery. Multiple delivery schemes are available.

Web design Multpresentations.com is affiliated with TV Pro Inc, BestParties Inc., and ShariBohn offering complete Digital  Photography and Web Design, Streaming Video services such as QuickTime, Flash Video (Squeeze),  RealMedia and Windows Media.  Flash Animation, Java Scripting, CGI, Perl Programming.  As a reseller for  Interland.net we now can offer e-commerce solutions for your Corporate Web site. We are also affiliated with our UK partners PresentationExperts.co.uk – a London based specialist design company.